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Bhutan, known to the Bhutanese as Drukyul, the land of the Thunder Dragon, is truly another world. In this unique and hidden Kingdom of Bhutan, where Guru Rinpoche once flew in on the back of a tigress, you will feel the breath of mysteries and powers which still prevails. If there is magic left in this world, Bhutan is where you will find it.

Roughly the size of Switzerland, this tiny Himalayan Kingdom lies between India and China. Its spectacularly diverse landscape, culture and biodiversity remain virtually unchanged by the passage of the centuries.

Steep, forested mountains rise throughout Bhutan, spotted with prayer flags and monasteries in implausible places. Tiny farms and hamlets nestle in its fertile valleys. To the north, snowy peaks rise to more than 7000 meters.

Buddhism pervades every element of Bhutanese history and daily life. Even the most mundane experiences are tinged with spiritual significance.

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We invite you to discover Bhutan with us. It is truly another world!.