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Bhutan Visa

Bhutan Excursions will process your Bhutan visa after receiving the full tour payment and a passport copy from your end. Without which Tourism Council of Bhutan will not allow us to process the visa. Once we obtain the visa, we will email a copy to you, which you will have to print it out and...

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Payment Procedure

As per the directives of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, full payment shall be made in advance and in US dollars. The payment must be deposited directly into the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s bank account and in addition, Bhutan Excursions will not receive payment from the Tourism Council of Bhutan until your trip has concluded...

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Trip Organizing

For those planning a trip to Bhutan, here is a checklist taking you through the Trip Organizing process.

Select an itinerary from our lists of tours and treks. If you want a custom itinerary, please do let us know with details such as:

  • the number of days you plan to spend in Bhutan
  • tentative date of arrival and...
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