• AGS Botanical Tour, England, Scotland, Germany and Ireland

    The tour details of which have been on your website, has now been completed and was a resounding success in every detail. It was an ambitious Tour involving a group of 17 botanists whose ages ranged from 26 to 72, and whose backgrounds and mountain experience were similarly diverse. It was undertaken during the monsoon season at the peak period for alpine flora.

    The trek element lasted 14 days, plus 2 days botanising pre-trek, and a day of related visits post-trek. The organisation of the trek, in its pacing, acclimatisation and choice of campsites was tailored to meet the needs of those undertaking serious study of Bhutan’s flora.

    From our experience of trips in 2008 and now in 2009 we consider that Sonam’s team’s understanding of these requirements is now unrivaled and Bhutan Excursions should be the first choice for any serious botanist visiting Bhutan.

    We again make the best recommendation possible by saying that we look forward to joining with Sonam and the Bhutan Excursions team for a third year in a row, in 2010, for further summer botanical exploration.


    Margaret and David Thorne
    AGS Tour Leaders, United Kingdom
    Email: craigurd@hotmail.com

  • Happy Gypsy Girl, Germany

    I am really sad that my marvelous 9 day trip with Bhutan Excursions had come to an end. I catch myself daydreaming – because I miss the magnificent surroundings that we discovered the last few days. It was an experience beyond what I expected, and I learnt a great deal of local culture and history. I got such an enriching tour and I will never forget it. The “signature” Juniper Trail offered only by Bhutan Excursions is an opportunity to take great photographs, discover an untouched scenery and it is simply a must see for its breathtaking view. I definitely recommend this tour to everyone visiting Bhutan. You ain’t seeing Bhutan yet until you go on the Juniper Trail. I will really come back again and will participate in a longer tour, because as with the first glass of good whisky this tastes for more. I would like to say thank you to all the lovely people who contributed to my trip. It was a perfect decision to choose Bhutan Excursions. A big Thanks to everybody.

    Email: kerstin_poetzsch@hotmail.com
  • Marjie Sandoz, USA

    No one could have helped me put together a Bhutanese experience that more perfectly met my requests. Sonam’s phenomenal patience, great sense of humor, formidable knowledge of his country, candidness, flexibility, connections with EVERYBODY, and sensitivity to his guests make him an ideal tour guide. After reading the other testimonials on his website, I conclude that we all leave Bhutan counting Sonam as a wonderful new friend.

    Respectful travelers and photographers who love to get off the beaten path, meet locals, and weep when it’s time to leave, should consider the tour Sonam created for us, now titled, “Eastern Dragon Fest.” You, too, can be among the first foreigners ever to attend the ancient Wangshing Rabna festival in remote eastern Bhutan. OR, I guarantee, Sonam can help you design your own perfect Bhutanese experience.

    The trip Sonam designed for two friends and me went beyond our wildest expectations. I told him I wanted to meet a Bhutanese family and stay with them, that I wanted to travel the entire country from west to east, I wanted to go on a trek, and I REALLY wanted to get off the tourist circuit and attempt to get closer to Bhutanese culture. We worked and talked and prioritized, and concluded that I would have to forgo the trek. That would be ANOTHER trip!

    Instead, my two friends and I and two delightful cyclists from Michigan were the first five foreigners ever to attend the Wangshing Rabna festival in eastern Bhutan’s remote Lhuntse region, WAY off the tourist track. I wouldn’t change a thing about our trip, but Sonam can adapt it to meet your requirements, whatever they may be.

    At the festival site, the pastoralists who had gathered there, many of them Sonam’s relatives, treated us as honored guests. We camped, drank, worshipped and celebrated with them for three days at a festival with ancient traditions unique to Wangshing Rabna. We have amazing photos and lifelong memories of spectacular dances, flaming torches, praying monks, toasted rice rituals, stinky cheese, home-brewed rice beer and Bhutanese families.

    If it’s Bhutan you want to experience, Sonam is the guide for you.

    If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to email me.

    Marjie Sandoz,

    Email: marjoriesandoz@msn.com