• Walking above the clouds

    Hi Sonam,
    It was really nice meeting you and your lovely family! And thank you so much for inviting me to lunch at your new Vietnamese restaurant (Bhutan’s first!) and to watch the performance by one of your nation’s greatest singers!

    I had thoroughly enjoyed my trip so thank you for organizing it so well!

    I especially wanted to compliment my driver for (a) driving so smoothly such that I didn’t suffer any motion sickness throughout the winding roads and (b) proactively offering to bring my shoes to the cobbler for repair (as they were falling apart from all the walking)!

    The Kuenden Hotel was such a pleasant surprise and the staff there was very polite and helpful. They assisted me promptly with the room amenities & TV reception and offered me tea and sweets when I returned after my day out...

    Bhutan is such a beautiful & peaceful place, so I hope to come back real soon with friends & family and look forward to our next encounter!

    Thank you very much,

    Christine Wong

    Email: wong_cwl@hotmail.com

  • Botanical Tour, Belgium, England, Scotland and Ireland

    Hi Sonam,

    Thank you so much for making our trip such a great success and especially for your efforts in finding Primula sherriffiae and P. ludlowii!!! It really was a great end to the trip. As I mentioned to you it was also great to be able to botanize in lower elevation forest and as you know very rewarding…I always wanted to do this and was so glad that we were afforded the opportunity on this occasion. Even though the trip may not have been as successful in terms of plants as the other trips that we have done with you, it was nonetheless a great trip. I think we all enjoyed experiencing some of the culture of the Brokpas and gaining an insight into their way of life. I think that is what made this trip special. As you know the scenery was often quite spectacular.

    I must say that for me personally that our visit to Po Tsho and Mo Tsho was the absolute highlight of the trip. I thought it was such a very special place and it really hit me that evening when we arrived at our campsite how fortunate we were to visit such a special place and it also made me realize why I love Bhutan so much. Meconopsis grandis was so spectacular that it alone made the trip worthwhile. I have been in touch with Pam Eveleigh and she was wondering if you knew the name of the nunnery? She is so pleased that we found the primulas…I mean really pleased!

    Sonam, can I thank you on behalf of all of us for making our trip such a memorable one and for all your hard work that you put into making it such a successful trip. We are really appreciative of the fact that you came on the trip with us. Lastly thanks for doing the trek to Khaling as well….even though it was hard going at times it was well worth doing.

    Thanks again!

    Best Regards,
    Email: martinswalsh@hotmail.com

  • Ed Bronfin, Denver, Colorado USA

    I was on a 2-person tour with Sonam and Jangchuk. I have done a lot of traveling over the years (more than 90 countries), and I have to rank the Bhutan trip and Bhutan Excursion as “number 1.” I was given the name of Bhutan Excursion by a good friend who did a trip with them several years earlier. All of her praise was absolutely right on! Every detail of the trip was handled meticulously by email and Sonam sent all documents necessary. We had a little problem with Druk Air in Bangkok and, even though I had to bother the people at Bhutan Excursion at 2:30 a.m. (Bhutan time) to get it fixed, it was done. From the moment we landed at Paro after the magical and mystical trip through the valley by plane, I knew we were in great hands. From the 3-days in Paro at the festival, trekking up to Tiger’s Nest (and not doing just what all the other people were doing; Sonam added in several more temples at sites at which no foreigners were present, and meeting a monk who has lived on his own for some 25-years, one of the highlights of the trip), trekking on the Juniper trail (a trek which Sonam “discovered,” and on which we saw no other tourists for 3 days) with attention to every comfort, amazing vistas, mountains (Jomolhari towering above the clouds), flowers, etc., Thimphu, Punakha, and Wangdue, the trip was just the best. Sonam speaks perfect English. His knowledge of his country, its traditions, the “local scene,” religion, and everything we did is just encyclopedic. Sonam is funny, a great person to spend time with and truly the most enjoyable tour guide ever. It was more like traveling with a friend than being carted around by a guide. Even a casual comment about “I’d be interested in …..” or “Could we check out…..” ended in results. I mentioned that I would be interested in observing a Bhutanese court. Sonam arranged this, a private meeting with two of the judges in Paro, and a truly unforgettable experience. Whether it was his humor, friendship and intimate knowledge of where to go in the Dzongs and how to observe private religious ceremonies or being met with incredibly delectable cream puffs and beer after the trek, Sonam had it down perfectly. I guess the highest compliment I can pay Sonam and Bhutan Excursion is that I’m going back for another trip to this most wonderful of all places – with Sonam and Jangchuk as my guides, of course. Please feel free to contact me at ebronfin@gmail.com if I can provide any information.”

    Ed Bronfin, Denver, Colorado USA
    Email: ebronfin@gmail.com