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Bhutan Excursions unveils a whole new world to travelers visiting Bhutan with wide selection of tours and treks showcasing the very best aspects of this enchanting kingdom.

Bhutan, known to the Bhutanese as Drukyul, the land of the Thunder Dragon, is truly another world

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Political System

Bhutan has a tri-cameral parliament consisting of the King, the National Council and the National Assembly

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The Bhutanese economy is the smallest in the world. 23.2 percent of the people live under poverty line but most of the Bhutanese have shelters and sufficient to eat

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Culture & Tradition

Bhutan has unique and distinctive cultures in the world. A tiny country with a very small population is proud of its diverse culture.

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People & Society

The Population

Bhutan has a population of over 600,000 which comprises of multi ethnic and multi lingual society.

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